Democrats Think TV is a Constitutional Right

Yes SaveJerseyians, the Democrats, in the midst of a budget crisis seriously want the taxpayers pay for other people to watch cable TV.  I want to help out the less fortunate members of our society as much as anyone else, but really, cable TV is not a a right nor is it necessary for basic survival.  Apparently the Democrats have added the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution – the right to watch Jersey Shore!

But don’t tell that to the Democrats!  This is another great example of the philosophical differences between Gov. Christie’s approach and theirs.

Christie said it best:

“To have the taxpayers of New Jersey pay for cable TV, I mean seriously, has cable TV become a constitutional right now we are going to pay for, in this time of budget constraints?

This is probably why Christie’s approval rating is at 58% (34% disapprove) – because the people of New Jersey are interested in joining Christie and solving our problems…..not wasting taxpayer money on subsidized television.  The naive and childish politics of the New Jersey Democratic Party apparently has no bounds.