Weekend Round Up: What you Might Have Missed

This was quite a weekend, Save Jerseyans. Matt DeLuca took us on a wondrous photo and video tour of union protests in Washington, D.C. and I reminded everyone that the NJEA lies. Chris Christie went on Face the Nation and got compared to Gaddafi by state workers. I know this all seems daunting, but do not fret. Go through the list of posts before and see what you missed this weekend in full.

  1. 263,000 Reasons Why Barbara Keshishian is  Liar
  2. State Budget Battle Showdowns
  3. Disabled & Critically Ill Get Abandoned By Union Bus Drivers
  4. What Matt DeLuca Saw in D.C.
  5. Union Protestors Compare Christie to Gaddafi!
  6. Video: DC ALF-CIO at NGA Conference
  7. Video: Chris Christie on Face the Nation