Christie: I’m Not Even Going to Be Governor in 2014

Every once in a while an elected official will say something that raises eyebrows. Sometimes the comment is out of context. Sometimes it is misconstrued or misunderstood. Sometimes the official simply misspoke. For the life of me, Save Jerseyans, I cannot figure this one out.

In a recent article by Herb Jackson of The Record, Governor Christie is quoted saying some interesting things. First, the context. The article is generally getting Christie’s reaction to President Obama’s statements on the “vilification” of public union employees and the protests in Wisconsin and around the country as responsible Republican Governors, following the lead of our Governor in New Jersey, attempt to get a handle on their budget problems. This discussion of course leads to statements about healthcare reform and how it affects the states, since so much state money gets tied up in the bloated medicaid program.

Christie criticizes President Obama for offering to move the healthcare “exchange” created by Obamacare from implementation in 2017 to 2014. Governor Christie then said this:

I’m not going to even be governor in 2014, so the fact that he’s offering flexibility in 2014 is really of no moment to most governors who need to balance their budgets this year.

As you well know, New Jersey runs its Governor’s race in off years. Christie would be running for reelections in 2013 and would assume office in January of 2014. So what is this about? Was Christie merely making a point? Is he simply not taking his own reelection for granted? Or was this some sort of subconscious slip that just exposed his 2012 plans?

6 thoughts on “Christie: I’m Not Even Going to Be Governor in 2014

  1. It would be a shame to go back to the democrat-socialist views of corzine, florio, and whitman, if christie is out the I nominate steve lonegan.

  2. Personally I don't think he's taking anything for granted. Then again, maybe he's heard about the recall efforts for Menendez and thinks he might appoint himself 😉

  3. If you really want to see NJ screwed up put "Steve L." in the governor's mansion. Thank goodness he lost it twice and pretty much always loses.

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