Carl Lewis Campaign Slogan: “Who Cares If I Failed a Drug Test?”

So Carl Lewis is running for office in LD8. Well, I suppose we don’t know that for a fact yet. He is making an announcement at 2:00PM, but I find it hard to believe that he would come all the way here from California to tell us he is not running! The timing of the press conference can also be explained. You see, Lewis needed to make sure that his voter registration form, which he likely filled out this morning, was properly filed with the Division of Elections before he made a fool of himself.

Anyway, looking back into Lewis’s record, its not all fast running and bad singing. As is well known, Lewis used performance enhancing drugs when he was winning gold medals, a choice that he is apparently not at all sorry for. I would call it more indifference and arrogance than anything else.

“It’s ridiculous. Who cares?” he said. “I did 18 years of track and field and I’ve been retired five years, and they’re still talking about me, so I guess I still have it.”

Lewis was allowed to escape a ban on the drugs that would have otherwise disqualified him from participating in and winning events in the Olympics. Clearly his sense of entitlement was not shaken. Carl Lewis is simply ok with the fact that the rules just do not apply to him. Sounds like someone who should seek public office to me…

Someone call Steve Ayscue and clue him in. “Who Cares I Failed a Drug Test?” should be on a yard sign by next week if he wants to make any headway against Addiego.

8 thoughts on “Carl Lewis Campaign Slogan: “Who Cares If I Failed a Drug Test?”

  1. Stop… Safe to say he won't be getting my vote and I think the Dem's are pushing him hard to run for all the wrong reasons. All of which will result in losing the race BUT The failed drug test is ridiculous and for the sake of Sen. Addiego's campaign, I hope she doesn't use it. The drugs he tested positive for were ingredients in cold medicine. He failed (these drug tests are sensitive to everything) for using cold medicine that were at very low levels and not considered performance enhancing drugs which is why he was allowed to still participate along with several other athletes.

  2. Really? You're attacking him because he's an athlete and used the rules? Yet you propped up John Runyon who was voted the most dirty player in the NFL by his PEERS. Typical hypocrites. You people really need to do some soul searching with your attacks. I guess the death of Adler really didn't calm down your smear tactics. Blast them while they're alive…and then act all poor and sad about them when they're gone.

  3. Using that same logic, Ricky the retard, everyone should be nice to everyone always since everyone dies some day. Are you new here in NJ, or just a drooling mongoloid?

  4. Thank you for proving that neanderthals are alive and well in the Republican party…not that we didn't know that.

  5. I guess that's about as witty as you get, you basement dwelling twat. Hopefully you can vote for Ol' Steroid Carl, it remains to be seen if he can even vote for himself.

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