Flip-Flopper Bodine Thinks Lewis is a Bad Candidate

You remember Francis Bodine don’t you, Save Jerseyans? He is Republican Assemblyman turned Democrat in 2007 because he did not get what he wanted from the Burlington County GOP (a shot at the Senate seat).

He has now flipped back to Republican again, after his partisan flip-flopping ended his long political career with a big loss in LD8 to former Senator Haines. Bodine is what I like to call a creature of opportunity and nothing more. He saw and opportunity to move up to the Senate in the 8th District, and he would do anything, even betray his friends and his own party, to get it. Of course he still lost, essentially making him the Arlen Specter of New Jersey state government.

Anyway, if Bodine knows about one thing, its losing in LD8. PolitickerNJ caught up with the former Assemblyman to talk about the upcoming race between Senator Addiego and fast runner Carl Lewis. According to Bodine, Lewis’s prospects are less than favorable,

“In my opinion, if I had to compare Carl’s chances to mine, in my opinion, I had a better chance than he has. Given the style of campaign the Democrats run, he’s going to have to exercise a lot of discipline. If you’re not accustomed to hard campaigning, that could be a challenge.”

Considering Lewis has never run for anything other than a medal, that could be problematic. Bodine also had a comment on Lewis’s name recognition:

“I came up through the ranks. I was a councilman, mayor and freeholder before I went to the Assembly. Carl doesn’t have anything that can compare to the name recognition that i had, and I think that will hurt him.”

He really has a point. I think it may be possible that more people know Carl Lewis by his sad rendition of the National Anthem these days (thanks to youtube) than his running career. Bodine’s point really raises a concern the Democrats should have. If Lewis does not really have that great of name recognition in New Jersey, then what would be the point of running him? There is often something to be said for running former athletes when it can really put a starting jolt into a campaign. The Republicans did it last year with Jon Runyan.

Congressman Runyan is a great guy and is doing a great job in Washington, but would he have been picked if he were not a Philadelphia Eagle and a household name in the NJ3? I would assume not. If Carl Lewis is not that household name, and he has no experience doing anything in government, ever, then why run him? He literally seems as though he has nothing to offer. The Democrats seemed to have overplayed their hand on this opportunity.

They probably should have called Francis Bodine first; it is his specialty, after all.

36 thoughts on “Flip-Flopper Bodine Thinks Lewis is a Bad Candidate

  1. You guys must be really, really scared of him. All you have done is bash him relentlessly this past week. And all he did was file for a primary. I guess it must be slow in other news.

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