Rep. Garrett Takes “Step Further” to Paul Ryan’s Right

Never one to be satisfied with “conservative enough,” North Jersey’s Scott Garrett (R-Wantage) is co-sponsoring a Republican Study Committee (RSC) alternative to Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s celebrated FY 2012 budget proposal. Ryan’s plan would cut approximately $6 trillion over the next decade; Garrett’s version would nix $9 trillion over the same period.

Rep. Garrett visited with a famous constituent (Lou Dobbs) to discuss the issue as well as some of the more nuanced differences between the competing Republican proposals:




Is Garrett splitting hairs here? Or does he have a valid reason to buck the leadership?

5 thoughts on “Rep. Garrett Takes “Step Further” to Paul Ryan’s Right

  1. Rep. Garrett has been a consistent supporter of sound fiscal policies. Just because he advocates for a bolder proposal does not negate Rep. Ryan's efforts. We are fortunate to have both of these representatives acting like adults as opposed to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

  2. If nothing else, it puts Ryan's proposal 'toward the center' and lower's Obama's chances of casting Ryan as the strawman boogeyman of the radical right.

  3. Nahh…one just starves the poor quicker is all. And one just makes sure the elderly die sooner rather than later. Either way, The Dark Side is still evil.

  4. The video mentioned deep military cuts, which is something Obama is already doing and sounds like a Democrat idea, which makes me skeptical of Garrett's budget. But the Congressional Quarterly article that's linked and the video didn't expand on the comment, so I have to withhold judgement.

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