Happy Birthday, Kim Guadagno!

Very Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno tonight from the entire Save Jersey family!


Governor Christie’s second in command turned 52 years old today but, just in case the Lt. Governor happens to ask you, I said she’s only 29 years old… this is one tough lady! The former sheriff knows how to use a gun, too. We’re not messing with her!!!


(PHOTO: Save Jersey Founder Matt Rooney interviewing then-candidate Kim Guadagno for Save Jersey, 10/25/09)

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Kim Guadagno!

  1. Gov. Christie’s #2 Caught in Double-Dipping Scandal

    Posted on October 20, 2010


    By Mark Lagerkvist

    False statements by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno enabled a police official to improperly receive $170,000 from a state pension fund, according to a New Jersey Watchdog investigation.

    As Monmouth County Sheriff, Guadagno helped Chief Michael W. Donovan Jr. circumvent pension rules to collect more than $85,000 a year in retirement pay while drawing an annual salary of $87,500.

    Guadagno hired Donovan as “Sheriff’s Chief” in September 2008. Donovan was a retired investigator who had worked for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. As the new Chief, Donovan should have re-enrolled in the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System. Under state pension rules, retirement benefits should have stopped during his employment.

    Instead, Guadagno deceived county officials, the press and the public about Donovan’s job title.

    In a news release, Guadagno announced the hiring of Donovan as “Chief Warrant Officer,” a different position that’s exempt from PFRS and its rules. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office informed county payroll officials that Donovan was hired as Chief Warrant Officer.

    Those statements were false. The position of Chief Warrant Officer had been eliminated by an official order signed by Guadagno on Sept. 16, 2008 – the week before Donovan started.

    Donovan is identified as Sheriff’s Chief on Monmouth County Sheriff’s official web site. Yet county personnel records still list Donovan as Chief Warrant Officer, a job that doesn’t exist.

    Donovan could be forced to repay the state plan roughly $185,000. That figure includes roughly $170,000 in retirement benefits he’s received since September 2008, plus more than $14,000 for back contributions he should have been paying to the PFRS.

    The investigative report – with full documentation – is now online at http://NewJerseyWatchdog.org. The story was researched and written by Mark Lagerkvist, a veteran investigative reporter who has won more than 60 honors – including three Emmys and national awards from the National Press Club, Scripps-Howard Foundation and Investigative Reporters & Editors. Lagerkvist is a former investigative editor of the Asbury Park Press who has also worked for CNBC, News 12 and other news organizations.

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