Lewis Update: Judge Hillman Says “No”

Mark your calendars, Save Jerseyans. Today a judge in New Jersey actually made a decision and cited the “paramount concerns” of the State Constitution and the people who adopted it as his reasoning. Judge Noel Hillman announced this afternoon that Carl Lewis would not be eligible under the New Jersey Constitution to run for Senate in the 8th District.

Hillman said that the people of this state have had more than one opportunity to vote and overturn the residency requirements for office, and each time the initiative has failed. The State Constitution says what it says, and this Judge made it a point to simply apply the law rather than letting the fact that Lewis does not comply slide in the interest of “fairness” or any other bogus policy reason.

Next Monday is reportedly the last date to determine whether Lewis will be on the primary ballot, as they will need to start printing them. However, this may not be the end. There is undoubtedly going to be an appeal, and it will probably take place tomorrow. After that, even if there is another appeal that takes place after the deadline, Carl Lewis could run a write in campaign. He would only need 100 write ins to get on the general election ballot of the highest court eventually finds him eligible, but I am not to sure that I see that happening. But if it does, and Lewis cannot get 100 write ins, it will truly highlight the sad state of the sinking Democrat Party in Burlington County.

This decision also lends more credibility to Lt. Governor Guadagno’s decision on the matter last week. Democrats, like Senate President Steve Sweeney, cried foul at her decision to disqualify Lewis from the ballot saying it was a partisan decision. Will we hear the same about Judge Hillman?

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