Sweeney Calls the LG’s Decision Partisan, Forgets His Own Conduct

Carl Lewis just continues to run toward that finish line, so to speak. He is currently appealing Lt. Governor Guadagno’s decision to remove him from the ballot on two fronts with appeals pending in both state and federal court. Judge Hillman in the U.S. District Court in Camden City will be hearing the appeal today. Obviously we eagerly await his decision.

When looking into the news about this issue today I noticed some interesting quotes on Jane Roh’s blog that came from none other than Senate President Steve Sweeney.

The decision as to whether Carl Lewis can serve in the Senate should ultimately be made by the voters, not a partisan elected official following party orders

Is he kidding? Sweeney’s comment is not only borderline offensive, its also downright hypocritical! This is coming from a guy who refuses to give Anne Patterson a hearing on her appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court for purely political reasons. Senator Sweeney openly admits that he has completely betrayed his Constitutional duty, and now he wants to point the finger in the administrations direction? Please. The two situations could not be further apart.

While there is zero evidence that Patterson would be unqualified for seat on the Supreme Court, there is ample evidence that Lewis cannot meet the requirements to run for office in the 8th District. The bottom line is that Guadagno looked at the facts and made a determination based on her Constitutional obligation to oversee elections. She serves not only a political role in our government but also an administrative one, and she carried that out specifically by the book.

While a decision is sure to come down from the court soon that may very well go against the LG’s decision, it is clear that there is plenty of evidence showing Lewis has not lived here for four years, and if he has not done so, he should not be able to run. If he is allowed to run, then the precedent set is that the residency requirements are of no real consequence in New Jersey. If thats true, then so be it.