Loretta Weinberg has “Taken the Bat Out” Against Taxpayers, Political Opponents for Years

I’ve been reading excited coverage throughout the weekend of Governor Christie’s “take out the bat” comment. Now the Trenton Democrats want an apology.

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

If anyone should be apologizing, it’s Loretta Weinberg. Like Governor Christie said: she’s the Queen of Double Standards!

First off, Senator Weinberg is a GIGANTIC hypocrite on matters of ethics and corruption. It’s well-documented, Save Jerseyans; no spinning is necessary on our part to convince you that she’s a lying fool. Her allies would like you to believe that she’s consistently opposed bossism is New Jersey politics. This is a pleasant fiction. At a time when New Jersey unemployment is well-above 9%, Loretta collects almost $90,000 from her legislative gig and a public pension… and makes no apologies for her outrageous double-dipping. She argues that it’s okay because it’s legal. With that logic, I suppose ANYTHING is okay so long as a sufficient number of her fellow legislators are also okay with stealing?

In 2007, Loretta blasted Jon Corzine for donating nearly $450,000 to Democrat Boss Joe Ferriero’s corrupt Bergen County Machine. Less than two years later, Loretta was his running mate and biggest fan. She also gained quite a reputation for flip-flopping on ethics reform legislation right on the Senate floor, even using the incredible excuse that she “made a mistake” voting on one occasion.

Secondly, Senator Weinberg is hardly an innocent, kindly little grandmother without a nasty word for anybody.  She can keep step with the nastiest partisans on either side of aisle! Remember how she accused Governor Christie of trying to defund mammograms? Even though it was a false charge? And despite the fact that his OWN MOTHER had battled breast cancer?? AND, even more unbelievably, after she co-sponsored a bill to accomplish similar reforms back in 2001???

The ugly truth: Loretta is an amoral, duplicitous, big government liberal who is all-too-comfortable with lying to advance her own career, Save Jerseyans. Her party is the party of McGreevey, Codey and Corzine, and their backward ideas and corrupt ways cost state taxpayers dearly over the last decade. For her to now take Governor Christie’s words wildly out of context to accuse him of trivializing domestic violence, all in order to score cheap political points, is the final insult. It’s also a sign of desperation for a political party whose tired ideas are as out-dated and unpopular as Loretta’s pant suits.

In my opinion, the media should do a lot more than “take out a bat” against Loretta Weinberg. You’d need a wrecking ball to deconstruct her web of hypocrisy.

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