McGreevey Sentenced to Purgatory, Rejected from Episcopal Priesthood

Does the Episcopal Church believe in Purgatory?

I’m not even sure, Save Jerseyans, but the formerly-Catholic James E. McGreevey probably feels like he’s there.

A NY Post source close to the Newark-based church reports that the former New Jersey governor hit a snag in his bizarre attempt to become an Episcopal priest. Specifically, the source said “It was not being gay but for being a jackass — [McGreevey] didn’t come out of the whole divorce looking good.”

No kidding.

Jim McGreevey didn’t leave office because he was a “gay American.” He left because he was hopelessly corrupt! It was either resignation or indictment, and the only nice thing that can be said about McGreevey is that he spared us yet another corruption trial. Who could blame the Episcopal hierarchy for taking a pass?

4 thoughts on “McGreevey Sentenced to Purgatory, Rejected from Episcopal Priesthood

  1. I doubt he was even serious about any of that. It was probably just a cheap publicity stunt to clean up his corrupt image. I always found it comical how every liar, cheater or thief always seems to "Find Jesus", when they get caught…..well, except for Tiger Woods, he found Buddha.

    He probably got all the mileage he was going to get out of it at this point and since he's largely out of the public eye now, he can go on with his life.

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