@GovChristie on Chopper Use: “No Line Anymore Between Personal and Professional”

THERE he is… an articulate and heartfelt response to this silly helicopter business (of the kind that we’ve come to expect!) directly from our Governor:


Who can honestly argue with any of that?

The real shame remains that Governor Christie’s comments would’ve constituted an ever more satisfactory explanation for drive-by observers without the reimbursement, Save Jerseyans! Christie cannot survive politically if he begins to doubt his ability to frame debates despite the liberal establishment’s best attempts to tear him down. He’s popular precisely because he doesn’t jump through hoops for the media!

That’s why I maintain his act of reimbursing the state for a standard gubernatorial helicopter ride which cost nothing extra was both unnecessary and potentially damaging down the road simply for the baseless but real air of guilt it created.

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50 thoughts on “@GovChristie on Chopper Use: “No Line Anymore Between Personal and Professional”

  1. Popular? Really? Have you checked the numbers lately…more people disapprove of his performance now. And I would venture to bet that his numbers will certainly go down after this debacle. And still you continue to defend the outright abuse and waste of taxpayer dollars.

  2. Hell, if I were Governor, I'd take a chopper to the supermarket! I'm the frickin Governor for crying out loud!

    Heh, this is all way more fun as a spectator!

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