The Christie Cap is Working

The Christie 2.0 Property Tax Cap is already starting to work by controlling government spending at the state AND local level, Save Jerseyans:

In 21 contracts settled since April 1, teachers will get average salary increases of 2.1 percent in the coming school year, down from 2.66 percent for contracts settled since January 2010 and 3.19 percent for all contracts. These raises come as teachers are chipping in more for pensions and health benefits due to a state law passed in June aimed at reining in public spending and shoring up an underfunded pension system.

The school boards association attributed the decline in teachers’ raises to pressure from the new 2 percent cap on property tax levies, reduced state aid to most districts for the past two school years and district-level concerns about taxpayers’ struggles during the recession. The trend continues the squeeze on teachers’ raises since the 2004-05 school year, when they hit 4.68 percent.

Do a simply Google search and you’ll notice that EVERY media rendition of this story makes it sound like actual salaries were cut. Don’t dust off your violins just yet. Less than 2.8% of Americans received any raise at all in 2010, Save Jerseyans. Many more people lost jobs than started earning more for the one which they currently hold. And other are taking jobs for significantly less than they ordinarily would.

And what makes teachers think they should expect an automatic bump every year just for being alive? Answer: a teachers union that STILL hasn’t accepted reality.

4 thoughts on “The Christie Cap is Working

  1. The trend toward cutting income for teachers, firemen and police is already finished. Wisconsin and Ohio are rejecting the end of collective bargaining because voters recognize how damaging it is to their own compensation. Christie and the democrats who helped pass employee bashing legislation will pay a price in the next election. With 14% annual nationwide turnover of teachers it argues against lower salaries and benefits. Teachers have never been adequately compensated.

    Christie is on the wrong side of most issues. He is the anti-teacher, anti-police and fireman, anti-mass transit governor. His stance on taxing the wealthy was destroyed by Mr. Buffett's call to stop codling the rich. It's time our millionaire governor stopped his class warfare against the middle class.

  2. Bullcrap. My taxes, both municipal, school and county went up again this year. And its like that all across NJ. And now we will be paying more thanks to the credit downgrade.

    You're doin' a Heckuva job Christie.

  3. The cap is working ! My taxes went down …last year it took 19.26 ounces of gold to pay my yearly taxes ,this year it only took 12.36 ounces . Of course if your paying your taxes with worthless US dollars or Zimbabwe dollars you must expect them to rise

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