Pawlenty Endorses Romney, Becomes Campaign Co-Chair

I woke up this morning, turned on my television from bed, and was met with a face I thought I would not need to see for a long time. Governor Tim Pawlenty, the first fly to drop from the race for the 2012 GOP nomination, made an appearance on Fox News this morning to extend a very early endorsement to Governor Mitt Romney. Despite going after Romney while still a candidate, Pawlenty sang his praises on the economy today.


Pawlenty also announced that he will be Romney’s Campaign Co-Chair and that he will not be seeking the Vice Presidential nomination on a Romney led ticket. The validity of that statement remains to be seen, but hopefully it is true, because a Romney/Pawlenty ticket would be detrimental to the GOP winning the general election. Aside from the fact that Pawlenty is painfully boring, he would not draw in members of the GOP base that Romney might not appeal to as strongly. He would essentially bring nothing to the table.

I am not quite sure why Romney would want to have Pawlenty chairing his campaign either, aside from agreeing to it only to secure his endorsement this early. Pawlenty’s organizational skills are less that impressive as of late. During the Ames Straw Poll, Pawlenty and his organization spent a tremendous amount of time in Iowa and spent a very considerable amount of money, and yet had arguably the most relatively disappointing showing in the poll, coming in third place. Hopefully his Co-Chair position is more symbolic than anything else.