Irrelevant Journalist Monopolizes the Anti-Christie Agenda on 9/11

Tom Moran hates Governor Christie. We all know that to be the truth.

Why wouldn’t he? Christie is a conservative and is working to make New Jersey a better place, whereas Moran is a liberal who so badly wants to return to the Corzine days of protecting the status quo. Christie made Moran look like a moron in a video that went viral within hours, whereas Moran asked a moronic question and set himself up to look bad.

Let’s take a moment to recap that, shall we?


Wonderful memory. Anyway, as I am sure you have not forgotten, yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. While I am sure you spent the day watching the memorial ceremonies, sending your prayers to those lost that day, and thinking back on your experience and where you were when the towers fell, Tom Moran thought it would be a decent idea to write a story on the week old rift between Governor Christie and Speaker Oliver over Christie’s retelling of his behind the scenes work on pension and benefit reform.

Moran thought that 9/11 was an important day to rehash what the ledger had been pushing for a week. He wanted to remind everyone that because Governor Christie described the background bipartisan process of reform, that he ruined any chance of further bridge building to help the people of our state.

It must have been the Governor’s fault:

Since we have all seen the stories, and the follow up stories, and the follow up to the follow up stories on this drama. What could be the reason for wanting to post something like this on a national day of remembrance? It’s not that Tom Moran does not care about 9/11. I would never even suggest that. The only explanation I can come up with is that Tom Moran has such an Anti-Chrisitie bias and agenda that he saw this day as one where he could literally be the only journalist in the entire nation writing a negative piece on New Jersey’s Governor.

He could have a complete and total monopoly on all New Jersey left wing media for one day, and drive the Anti-Christie train all by himself. It’s all about Tom Moran’s obviously bruised ego. What a sad sight to see.

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  1. Heh. Yes. We need a lot more publicity when democrats muck things up. They're always going on and on for decades whenever a republican makes a goof, and whenever a republican doesn't actually make a misstep, the dems love to create stories to make it look as if they have.

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