Save Jersey 3.0 is Here!

When I said things would be moving fast I was not kidding Save Jerseyans. Today you will not only be meeting your new Blogger-in-Cheif, but you are also getting a brand new layout for Save Jersey. In keeping with out version scheme of the last update (which we called Save Jersey 2.0), this is our 3.0 version of There may be some growing pains as we transition to our new format, but we attempted to iron out as many of the bugs as possible before launching. Thank you for your patience and for continuing to read Save Jersey!

What do you think, Save Jerseyans? Our blog sure has come a long way from a design standpoint in the last three years…

Save Jersey 1.0:

Then, Save Jersey 2.0:

And now, Save Jersey 3.0:

5 thoughts on “Save Jersey 3.0 is Here!

  1. Matt,

    As Gramsci so astutely observed, the more things change, the more they stay the same. You and your reactionary comrades can put as many new coats of paint on your right-wing fanaticism, but at its core you are still an outlet designed for the purpose of creating, propagating, and disseminating hatred for "the other." Your primary ideology is, as it always has been, racism.

    The contrast could not be more clear. When facilitating intellectual expansion and growth with my students (please note: it is not my place to "instruct" or "teach" my students; based on their life experiences and socioeconomic conditions, it is I who is more likely to learn from them than the reverse), I have always found "The Save Jersey Blog" to be a consistent, reliable example of what is wrong with journalism in America today. And I should add, it is a uniquely American problem!

    On the other hand, the incisive investigative reporting of Jane Roh shines light upon the corruption and malfeasance of the right-wing reactionaries in New Jersey. It ought to be a crime, and I say that without the slightest hint of sarcasm or exaggeration, that a journalist of Roh's quality and character has not yet won a Pulitzer Prize. The only explanation that I can surmise is that, as with all things, it comes back to racism and sexism. Were journalist Jane Roh named John Robinson, there is no doubt that he would be a two-time Pulitzer winner and the chief global political correspondent at the Times of London.

    Alan P. Verbibbbi

  2. @ Brian: When one side calls you racist far right fanatics and the other calls you RINO lackeys for the establishment, you're doing something right. Kudos on the new looks. Very nice. Also nice to see Matt back. Good luck!

  3. To Which Ever Teaching Institution Employs Alan Verbibbi,

    Please note he just admitted publically, and in writing, that he niether "intructs" nor "teaches", the primary job of a teacher. Please feel free to fire his ass, with cause, post haste!

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