There’s Simply No Comparison

There’s Simply No Comparison

I saw literally HUNDREDS of articles online this week bemoaning a tax credit afforded MTV’s infamously trashy Jersey Shore program by the state of New Jersey. A credit, mind you. Not a giveaway like the agenda-driven Star-Ledger erroneously claimed. Worth a paltry $420,000. In a state with a budget deficit well over $10 Billion. Where the teachers union chief earns almost that much in a single year with her benefits thrown in.

But that’s a front page story, right?

Less trumpeted was the announcement of, in the words of State Treasurer Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff, an  “enormous, exacting research project” to review the state’s books. It’s uncovered $26 million in forgotten liquid assets that were deposited or accrued in bank accounts over the past few decades.

And it was initiated by Governor Chris Christie’s proactive, pro-taxpayer administration.

Your contrast? Corzine (bought and bossed), McGreevey (a sleazy crook), Codey (a kooky liberal) and the long parade of other fiscally- and ethically-challenged state leaders who presided over this decades-long decline were, interestingly enough, endorsed by these same papers who are now born-again fiscal hawks OUTRAGED over Snooki’s tax-free boardwalk corn dog on Chris Christie’s watch.

They have an agenda. The old media establishment will continue to try to limit their readers’ ability to maintain perspective in order to advance this agenda. But the truth remains:

What we have now versus what we put up with in the past?

There’s simply no comparison, Save Jerseyans.