Liberal Boogeyman Chris Cerf to Address NJEA Convention

Liberal Boogeyman Chris Cerf to Address NJEA Convention

Cerf’s up, Save Jerseyans!

New Jersey’s acting Commissioner of Education Christopher Cerf will headline the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) annual convention in Atlantic City next month.

This otherwise unremarkable scheduling news caught my eye because Cerf isn’t exactly popular with the NJEA, Save Jerseyans.

REVILED is more like it.

One Blue Jersey blogger lamented that “Cerf is, without a doubt, a businessman posing as a public servant.” I’m unsure why that’s a bad thing, but then again I don’t understand much about the OWS/anti-success mentality harbored by many liberal activists. Specifically, they hate Cerf because he is a prominent member of the national charter school movement. Remember: competition = bad for the teachers union crowd. I know, I know… it’s like learning to speak a foreign language.

The Christie Administration has a fun history with the NJEA; we’ve covered it extensively. You’ll recall that Governor Christie first drew a giant line in the sand back in 2009 by outright refusing to seek the NJEA endorsement. I think that’s when I first fell in love with the man.

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