Little Wins Save Jersey Week-Long Senate Primary Poll

Well it has been a bit over a week since we opened our snap poll on the potential United States Senate primary battle that will be taking place next year. Yes we know not every possible candidate was included, we only put the ones that people are talking about right now in exponentially increasing frequency.

At our last update on the poll, Senator Kyrillos was in the lead. Soon after I noticed that Anna Little had posted the poll on her Facebook wall, and her army went to work. After that day, Little took a commanding lead in the unscientific poll, and held it ever since. Based on Anna’s past experience in Republican primaries, her strategy of mobilizing a grassroots force, just as she did here, might be a big deciding factor in how this race plays out.

As you can see, Little leads with 46% while Kyrillos and Doherty trail with less than 30% each.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the rumors and news on this forthcoming race of the Spring, and be sure to participate in the next poll.

3 thoughts on “Little Wins Save Jersey Week-Long Senate Primary Poll

  1. As a Reagan Republican, Anna Little is best positioned

    to win the primary and the general election.

  2. I would switch parties to vote for her in the election…then switch back to vote for Menendez. She is as clueless as a rock. And, she's raised about the same amount as a rock would raise. What the hell are you people thinking?

  3. Hey Rick – you wouldn't have to switch back to vote for Porky Pig Menendez. You are as dumb as a rock.

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