The Christmas Crossing

The fate of our American Revolution hung in the balance 235 years ago today, Save Jerseyans.

Luckily for successive generations of Americans, General George Washington and his determined troops secured a true Christmas miracle and saved the infant republic in – of all places – Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas Day 1776. Go figure! Whether modern Americans are living up to Washington’s sacrifice is a topic for another post.

The lesson isn’t lost on everyone. Hardy reenactors and amateur historians still gather annually to recreate Washington’s daring raid across an icy Delaware River. Strong winds and bad weather have often thwarted recent attempts to affect a successful crossing. Yet when you stop and think about it, Save Jerseyans, the difficulties associated with replicating this historical moment drives home how truly amazing the Battle of Trenton really was…

Watch this informative video and visit the official website of Washington Crossing Historic Park: