Newt Takes South Carolina

Newt Takes South Carolina

Debates matter, Save Jerseyans.

Fox News is already calling South Carolina for New Gingrich. No Republican presidential candidate has ever won the nomination without South Carolina.

We may be in for a “long war.”

Now the political universe’s focus turns to the Sunshine State. As of today, Romney leads Gingrich in Florida by approximately 20-points. We’ll see how much the Speaker can cut into this lead over the next few days. The best news for Mitt tonight? Santorum finished 3rd ahead of Ron Paul; he will likely continue on to Florida and siphon votes from the Gingrich/anti-Romney bloc.

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  1. And that's why the Republicans have difficulty winning, because our party is rife with paranoid people. Look in the mirror when Obama wins in Nov. & thank yourself for handing him 4 more years on a platter.

    Sadly, the rest of us will have to suffer with you, smack.

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