Month: January 2012

Corzine Can’t Find $1.2B But Still Raised $500k for Obama

Jon Corzine is the gift that keeps on giving for conservative bloggers! Former Governor Jon Corzine: Sugar Daddy for Corrupt Politicians! His problems at MF Global are now common knowledge. We know $1.2 billion disappeared on his watch. That’s “billion” with a Read More

CCF Continues Pro-Christie Air Support

The Governor has friends, Save Jerseyans. And they’re willing to spend big money in support of his agenda. Committee for Our Children’s Future (CCF), a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, continued its $1.5 million-dollar television blitz today with an ad designed to highlight the Governor’s Read More

It’s Time to Let Reagan Rest in Peace

It’d be a comical habit if it wasn’t also extremely counterproductive. All contemporary Republican presidential hopefuls campaign with the words “Ronald” and “Reagan” ever-present on their lips. Every conservative commentator passionately debates who is the most “reaganesque” member of the Read More

Anti-Residency S.J. Democrats Tap Shelley Adler for CD-3

First it was Carl Lewis in LD8. Then Gabriela Mosquera in LD4. Now the Machine is ready to run Shelley Adler, wife of the late John Adler, for his Third Congressional District seat presently occupied by Rep.  Jon Runyan. The catch? Mrs. Adler doesn’t live in the redrawn Read More

Some (Political) Animals Are More Equal Than Others (in New Jersey)

The Philadephia Inquirer ran an editorial last week arguing FOR Gabriela Mosquera’s admission to the New Jersey State Assembly. We’re still waiting for the NJ Supreme Court’s final word on the matter. The Inquirer’s argument? Who cares if her candidacy Read More