Month: January 2012

Trenton’s Democrats Rooting Against Gay Marriage Bill

Yup. That’s not a typo, Save Jerseyans. It’s only the dirtiest little non-secret in Trenton. You wouldn’t know it from reading their nauseatingly self-righteous press releases, but I assure you New Jersey’s leading Democrats are all-too-happy to sit back and Read More

Kyrillos Camp Preps for Two Stage Campaign Kick-Off

Is Bob Menendez really beatable in an “Obama Year,” Save Jerseyans? One of Governor Christie’s closet allies likes his chances, or at least likes them enough to commit considerable time and resources to the challenge over the next nine months. Read More

R.I.P. Rutgers Camden

I’m feeling blue this morning staring at the juris doctorate degree hanging on my office wall, Save Jerseyans. It was awarded after a lot of hard work by the “Rutgers Camden School of Law.” Not Rutgers New Brunswick or Newark. Read More