OPEN THREAD: Obama’s Last State of the Union Address?

OPEN THREAD: Obama’s Last State of the Union Address?

Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, Save Jerseyans, given how our candidates and party “leaders” are carrying on as of late.

However, with his numbers continuing to fall and unemployment remaining unreasonably high, expect Obama to treat this speech as such. He has the bully pulpit tonight and I am sure will use it to its full politicking potential.

Myself and Brian McGovern will be at a SOTU watching event in Marlton, NJ at the Marlton Tavern. The event is being hosted by the American Action Netowrk. Before the speech begins there is going to  be a nationwide conference call with Former Governor Pawlenty and Senator Norm Coleman. If you live in South Jersey and can make it out to the event, be sure to come up and say hello!

For all interested, the President will be going on at 9:00, followed by Governor Mitch Daniels with the Republican response.

We’re live tweeting the speeches on Twitter in our usual snarky style; follow along at @SaveJersey and MattRooneyNJ!