Kyrillos Camp Preps for Two Stage Campaign Kick-Off

Is Bob Menendez really beatable in an “Obama Year,” Save Jerseyans?

The new campaign logo on display at the splash page for

One of Governor Christie’s closet allies likes his chances, or at least likes them enough to commit considerable time and resources to the challenge over the next nine months.

5-term State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Middletown) will formally begin that journey next Wednesday, February 1st. His fledgling campaign has scheduled two kick-off events in an attempt to rally pro-Christie forces to the candidate’s side: the first in his home county of Monmouth at 11:00 AM followed by a second South Jersey swing at 3:00 PM. Click here for the Lincroft (Monmouth County) Facebook event invite or here for the Marlton (Burlington County) rally page.

He’ll need every warm body…

It’s almost universally acknowledged by operatives and insiders alike that Senator Kyrillos faces an uphill climb against the well-funded incumbent senator. The Governor will raise plenty of coin for him but he’s also starting with a rumored 10-to-1 cash disadvantage. Yikes, right? And that’s only the challenges originating to his “left.” Whether the scrappy Anna Little or another viable (?) challenger from the right emerges between now and June remains to be seen.

Overconfidence could, however, play a decisive role if everything else lines up in Republicans’ favor. Could. Menendez allegedly threw a hissy fit and skipped the NJ Chamber of Commerce dinner last night in Washington, DC. Former Governor Byrne told him it was a bad idea. I’m not so sure it matters. What does matter is President Obama’s base’s enthusiasm come November. A weak Obama could leave down-ballot allies in vulnerable positions. How vulnerable is good enough for a New Jersey Republican remains a largely theoretical inquiry. It’s been years since we’ve had any semblance of a statewide party infrastructure!

In short, Menendez will have to work for it. Just how hard is the $10,000,000 question.

Don’t sit around waiting for an answer, Save Jerseyans. I’d encourage anyone interested in beating Senator Menendez to head over and check out one of Kyrillos’s introductory events. He’s the likely nominee. You can always reserve a final decision for later (assuming a primary ever materializes and you’re inclined to keep an open mind); for now, the most important thing concerns voters can do to help their cause is engage the process early and passionately.

Hudson Bob isn’t going to go down easy.


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