OPEN THREAD: Romney Blows Out Gingrich in Florida

It was not a long night in Florida, Save Jerseyans.

Polls closed on the Panhandle at 8pm. He’ll take all 50 delegates assuming these results hold.

What’s your take, Save Jerseyans?

Marco Rubio said the winner of Florida would win it all; Mitt just did it with maybe a majority of the Florida vote. We’ll see when the counting is finished. Indeed, the magnitude of this win reinforces my belief that Governor Romney’s forecast is very sunny moving forward.

Some of the most telling information tonight is not in the election numbers or the delegate count, but the fundraising. Mitt Romney is riding high with $19 million cash on hand and zero debt. Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, has $2 million cash on hand, but about $1 million in debt. Can Newt really manage a long term nationwide campaign into Super Tuesday in March with so little funding? His performance in Florida certainly will not help those figures.

As of right now (8:15PM), 64% of precincts are reporting in an Romney has 47% of the vote. It would be a huge victory for team Romney if he can break the 50% mark by the end of tonight. Mitt has taken some its from Democrats claiming that he can never be anything but a plurality nominee. It seems possible that could change tonight.


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