Little is in…

Little is in…

About two weeks ago our friends at More Monmouth Musings reported that former freeholder Anna Little was still thinking about whether or not to run for US Senate and challenge Joe Kyrillos in a primary for the nomination.

Little’s manager, Larry Cirignano said, “She’s thinking about it. She wants to wait and see what the people think –if they want a choice or are they satisfied with the field. It’s (a matter) of who is the best person to beat Menendez.”

Since then it looks like she has stopped thinking about it and made up her mind. At last night’s Monmouth County Republican Lincoln Day dinner, Cirignano was collecting petition signatures to put her on the ballot. Earlier last week I ran into Little at CPAC; she relayed to me that she was, in fact, running for U.S. Senate.

Little met with a fundraising firm called Base Connect. Base Connect has raised money for Allen West, U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, Bobby Jindal, and New Jersey’s own Steve Lonegan. Little conveyed that critics cannot say she won’t have money to win because, according to her, she will. Fair enough!

All that being said, as of this morning, Little is not listed on the FEC website as running for either U.S. Senate or a seat in the House of Representatives.

Bob Menendez had just over $8 million on hand according to his last FEC report. Whoever the nominee ends up being will need to be a fundraising machine and raise sufficient funds to get their message out and, hopefully, pull off a Chris Christie style upset. Assuming he or she can win the primary.

Can Little?


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  1. Her qualifications for running are what, that she lost a congressional race? I'm gonna enjoy mocking her on the campaign trail.

  2. . . . and your qualifications are what, never having run for office? Never sticking you neck on the line, never having done anything except to make snide remarks, never having tried, or never having to take a stand on any issue other then to make comments in the comfort of your living room so you don't have to take any public criticism, this makes you a qualified commentator? Where do you stand on any issue, and how much of your time have you put in to even help a candidate other than to go to the poll and push a button?

    Regardless of who the candidate is, left, right, conservative, liberal, win or lose they made an effort. I'm sure your mocking will be televised nationwide.

    Anyone can be an armchair, potato chip eating, political connoisseur.

    As a wisecracking investigative newspaper reporter at least the "Fletch" character did some research.

  3. Hey Just Another Voter, the answer to all of your questions about ARE ON THE BLOG! Just take the time to look and know what you're talking about before you start talking. If you don't, I'm gonna have to start calling you Rick Ambrosia, Jr.

  4. Anna Little has ZERO chance. Like what she did in her congressional race, she will waste time and money and hand the seat to the Dems. What a shame.

  5. You think she will "Hand" the seat to the Dems? Like the Republicans' annointed one Kyrillos will do better? HAHAHAHAHAHAH I like you you're funny. The establishment Republicans take their marching orders from the Dems, why do you think they do everything they can to rig every convention and the primary???

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