BIPARTISANSHIP: House Rejects Obama Budget 414-0

We may have just seen the most bipartisanship we are going to get out of the House on a big issue for the next decade, Save Jerseyans.

The House of Representatives, which recently passed the Paul Ryan Budget, voted up or down on the Obama Administration’s proposed budget. The highlights of this budget were that it raised taxes on the rich, included another deficit far higher than anything the Bush Administration ever presented, and had no plan to ever decrease the deficit or the debt over time. It also included more subsidies for technologies that have continued to falter and a ‘kick the can’ mentality on entitlement reform. For all intents and purposes, it was a complete waste of paper.

Well Democrats and Republicans came together yesterday and delivered a resounding ‘No’ to Obama’s budget. Not one Democrat present at on the floor voted for the proposal. 414 members from both parties came together and actually spoke for the people of the United States who are finally waking up and realizing that government simply cannot run this way any longer.

A beautiful display of bipartisanship . . . that we probably should not expect to see again ever. Democrats are whining that forcing them to vote on the facts of Obama’s budget was nothing more than a scheme to trap them or make them look bad. The President is doing that just well enough on his own that the Republicans apparently don’t even need to try anymore.