Romney Up 10 Heading Into Today’s Illinois Primary

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Or so says the typically-reliable RCP polling average.

The latest-in-time poll from PPP shows Mitt Romney up by 15 points. A Rasmussen poll from last week had Romney leading his closest rival, Rick Santorum, by 9 in the Land of Lincoln.

69 delegates are on the line today and Mitt is taking no chances, Save Jerseyans. He even had Governor Christie on the ground last Friday.

Perhaps that’s because some pundits are building up this midwestern primary a possible “must-win” contest for his opponent, Mr. Santorum. But guess what, folks? ALL of the states are at this point! Do the simple math: Santorum is not winning anywhere near the amount of delegates he needs to secure the GOP nomination. He’s even limited in how well he can do tonight by the fact that his campaign failed to field a slate of delegates in four of eighteen Illinois congressional districts mostly in downtown Chicago. (Note: Illinois is a “direct election” state).

Santorum could still force a brokered convention. it could happen. That said, Romney is almost guaranteed to break 600 delegates by mid-April. At that point, some large, pro-Romney, winner-takes-all prizes like New Jersey will be right around the corner.

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