‘Save Jersey’ Debriefs ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (Part One)

‘Save Jersey’ Debriefs ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (Part One)

Save Jersey’s Joshua Einstein managed to pull off something a little unusual last month:

Sitting down with an “Occupy Wall Street” opinion leader and conducting a respectful, measured discussion of contemporary economic issues. 

Josh’s guest was Benjamin Case of “Organization for a Free Society,” a socialist group that describes itself as “committed to building a movement for social liberation.” I’m not 100% sure what “social liberation” means in this context, Save Jerseyans, but I’m equally sure I wouldn’t agree with it.

Ben, a native New Jerseyan himself, agreed to talk with Josh to help us better understand where the OWS movement (in particular) and the Left (in general) stand on today’s issues. Every movement has its knuckle dusters and its thinkers, activists and its intellectual. OWS and the Left are no different. To triumph in the market place of ideas, we have to understand both the tactics and world view of the opposition.

The two ideological opposites you’re about to hear spent a significant amount of time discussing the “financial crisis,” causations and remedies. I think you’ll enjoy the back-and-forth. Only “Part One” is going up today. We’ll post the rest of Josh’s discussion with Ben next week….

Take it away, Mr. Einstein:


EDITOR’S NOTE: Special thanks to another Save Jersey contributor, Bergenfield’s James Beattie, for handling the camera work!

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