The NJEA is Recruiting Community Educators

The NJEA is Recruiting Community Educators

…for Obama.

The New Jersey [Mis]education Association (a.k.a. “NJEA”) isn’t content spending $11.3 million of union dues on lobbying. Oh no, Save Jerseyans! Now we need to turn teachers into activists, too. And for a President who sends his kids to private school? Will the hypocrisy never end??

This recruitment email hit teachers’ mailboxes earlier today; it appears to be part of a larger NEA election year volunteer drive. Remember: it’s for the kids!!

The text:


180 West State Street Post Office Box 1211 Trenton, NJ 08607-1211 609-599-4561

Pledge to be an Educator for Obama

 Now more than ever, we need to elect a President who shares our vision for a stronger America. President Barack Obama has earned the NEA’s recommendation because of his unwavering support for education and students and his commitment to a vibrant middle class.

To show our support for NEA here in New Jersey, NJEA is asking members to take the pledge and become an Educator for Obama. By taking the pledge, you can volunteer to spend two hours per month working with Educators for Obama, commit to be a spokesperson in your community, or even recruit other educators to make the pledge themselves. Your pledge does not involve any financial commitment, so please do your part and pledge to be an educator for Obama today!

To learn more about the upcoming Presidential election, visit the NJEA Elections page, where you can read about President Obama’s record of accomplishments, and where his Republican opponents stand on the issues that matter to you.

5 thoughts on “The NJEA is Recruiting Community Educators

  1. So this is the NJEA's version of community organizing? The NJEA big wigs just care about keeping their power and more and more parents ending their kids to private/religious schools is a huge threat to them! I hope our side keeps fight for what is right and standing up the NJEA thugs like our governor is!

  2. As a teacher & NJEA member, I am appalled the union spent $11 million on lobbying. To compound it by telling us to vote for President Obama's education plan is both offensive & insulting. For years this "lobbying" money has been spent on supporting the same politicians, mostly Democrats, who have played fast & loose with the pension. Time for a change in NJEA leadership!

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