CAPTION CONTEST: Netanyahu Cracks Up @GovChristie

CAPTION CONTEST: Netanyahu Cracks Up @GovChristie

Governor Chris Christie’s trade mission to Israel is in full-swing and garnering plenty of attention, Save Jerseyans.

On Day One, he visited the Mount of Olives and meet with staunchly Pro-American Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (who, by the way, spent a lot of time in the U.S. and speaks crystal-clear English with a Philadelphia accent).

And apparently, Netanyahu managed to reach the Big Guy’s funny bone! No word on what the joke happened to be.

Bragging rights for the best caption:

4 thoughts on “CAPTION CONTEST: Netanyahu Cracks Up @GovChristie

  1. Gotta love the Philly accent overseas. I was coming back from Afghanistan for leave and heading to Italy. I was boarding the plane and heard the stewardess talking loudly, so I walked up and said, "yo, you're from South Philly aren't you?!" She said, "yea, how'd you know?" I said, "cause I could hear you big mouth on the runway." She laughed, and treated me like a king the whole flight. Nothing is better than having a piece of home so far away.

  2. If Christie is on a "trade mission" to Israel as NJ Governor, maybe he should keep his fat mouth shut about American foreign policy; it is apparent he is following the neo con wing of the Republican Party. Jerusalem has not been the capital of Israel since at least 70 AD and can only be the capital when Israel has finally pushed the last of the Arabs out of East Jerusalem which Israel illegally occupies.

    Is Bobby Bacala-I mean Gov. Christie going to visit the Palestinian territories or is the tough guy from Trenton afraid of offending his Israeli hosts?

    By the way, I don't know about you, but anyone like Netanyahu who is hell bent on getting the US into a war with Iran is not a friend of mine or my country. I don't know about the your guy Christie or you Rooney.

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