Month: April 2012

United Against Big Labor, @GovChristie Heads to Wisconsin for Walker Tomorrow

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) will head to Wisconsin tomorrow to boost Governor Scott Walker (R-WI). The latest polls shows the controversial Walker building a narrow lead. It’s going to be a squeaker either way as Republicans work to beat back a rare Read More

Save Rutgers: Does Lautenberg Know Something We Don’t?

If you have been following my coverage of the Rutgers Rowan Merger from the beginning, you would probably know a lot of hyper technical things about the process that most people do not, or at least do not take the Read More

Norcross Borrows Obamacare Argument to Defend Rut-Row Merger

It’d be funny if the subject matter weren’t so serious, Save Jerseyans. Mastering history is the key to understanding the present, and ever since Angelo Errichetti was indicted in 1981 for ABSCAM, suburban Camden County Democrat leaders (Florio, Norcross, etc.) have largely Read More

Save Jersey’s Week in Review (4/23/12 – 4/29/12)

For Monday, April 23rd through Sunday, April 29th 2012 *** EVER-EXPANDING SAVE JERSEY WELCOMES NEW CONTRIBUTORS *** Michael Mulraney and Jordan Rickards join our Save Jersey blogging family… RICKARDS #1: Raising Arizona RICKARDS #2: The “Buffett Rule” and the Hidden Attack Read More

New Jersey College Republicans Host Speakers, Elect Leadership at Rowan Convention

I had a great time with the New Jersey College Republicans on Saturday, Save Jerseyans. 100+ enthused undergraduates and other assorted guests assembled at Rowan University for the ever-expanding statewide organization’s annual convention. They heard from speakers including U.S. Senate Candidate Read More