Unhinged Obamacrats Show Their True Colors

Phil Collins has written a lot of great music, Save Jerseyans.

I would, however, caution against substituting his lyrics for political advice. It may not end well. Consider the plight of President Obama’s increasingly unpopular government. His henchmen are showing their “true colors” to the America public and it isn’t pretty.

Always good for a stupid comment, VP Joe Biden is praising the President’s “big stick” at a time when our sworn enemies in Iran, North Korea, Russia, and the Middle East are unimpressed by his administration’s impotent foreign policy (or being directly comforted by the prez via a hot mic).

A senior EPA official is threatening to “crucify” oil companies when the economy continues to struggle, gas prices are already sky-high and our national energy infrastructure is crumbling under an endless wave of punishing environmental regulations.

And they still want to talk about Mitt Romney’s lifestyle? At least it’s financed by his own money! Americans are experiencing historic unemployment while the First Lady is unapologetically dropping $500k of our money on European adventures. Sometimes Michelle Anotinette makes the GSA look thrifty!

The list of scandals, outrages and insults accumulating over these past four years are nearly endless. Solyndra. Fast and Furious. A little incident involving Columbian ladies of the night and our secret service?

Need I go on? We haven’t even gotten to the policy end of things!

The key thing to remember, Save Jerseyans, is that not one of these aforementioned incidents is isolated. The Obama Administration’s flunkies aren’t normal, flag-waving folks who occasionally find themselves caught saying crazy things. They ARE crazy people coming under scrutiny for flashing their true colors! Their antics aren’t aberrations but, rather, a mirror reflection of their extremely ideological commander-in-chief who values government’s authority at the expense of individual liberty. We certainly don’t even need to go back to Obama’s college days for examples of his crazy influences and associations. Just look at the “czar” list and you’ve seen everything you need to know.

Yes, even the most wilfully blind among us are starting to see your party’s “true colors,” Mr. President. We don’t like them! Hence, why this race is a lot closer than it should be at the moment given Mitt’s many institutional and intra-party challenges of the past several months.