Norcross Borrows Obamacare Argument to Defend Rut-Row Merger

It’d be funny if the subject matter weren’t so serious, Save Jerseyans.

Mastering history is the key to understanding the present, and ever since Angelo Errichetti was indicted in 1981 for ABSCAM, suburban Camden County Democrat leaders (Florio, Norcross, etc.) have largely dictated the City of Camden’s fate. To pretend that the city’s future now hinges on the publicly despised Rut-Row merger proposal is patently absurd! Particularly since the merger would make the Gloucester County exurb of Glassboro (situated approximately 30-40 minutes away from Camden) the center of the post-merger university system. How does THAT move help Camden?

New Jerseyans know what’s up; hence, the reason why 59% of state residents oppose the plan and only 19% are in favor. Popular concensus continues to build against it.

The plan’s most influential champion, George Norcross III, recently sat down with the C-P Editorial Board and suggested an alternative explanation for the public’s hostility: the plan’s proponents simply did a poor job of presenting it!

Where have we heard a similar argument before? Obamacare, anyone? Another giant, far-reaching plan for which we’re being asked to proceed on faith despite extremely limited released details and, as even The Wall Street Journal noticed last week, still no promulgated cost estimates.

Yes, New Jerseyans aren’t stupid (a fact which continues to frustrate their would-be political overlords). Taxpayers definitively proved their capacity for common sense back in November 2009. We instinctively know what’s going on behind the curtains of power. We also know a rotten deal when we see one, and the Rut-Row merger certainly qualifies no matter how it’s packaged by those who seek to gain from it!

(h/t The Courier Post):

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  1. While I am a Christie support and a former staffer from his campaign, Christie is just borrowing Nancy Pelosi's logic when Obamacare was passed. Christie wants us to simply accept the merger, and THEN find out what its all about. Its disgraceful.

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