@GovChristie to New Jersey Nets: “Good Riddance, See Ya Later”

This is why he’s well above 50%, Save Jerseyans:


Can you blame him for being optimistic? He has an excellent record of drawing businesses away from New York. One or two are bound to go the wrong way over the G.W. Bridge from time to time. It happens.

The traitorous New Jersey Brooklyn Nets’s final game (under their current branding) is a little tonight against the resurgent Philadelphia 76ers.

As a proud South Jerseyan, I’d be cheering for the Philly team tonight either way. Now I’ll do it with a little extra fervor…


4 thoughts on “@GovChristie to New Jersey Nets: “Good Riddance, See Ya Later”

  1. Don't let the door hit them in the south end on the way out. The NBA is full of thugs. It would be more honest to have Rahway play Attica.

  2. What? No billions in tax breaks? He must not like basketball or he'd be giving the store away. I guess he likes Campbell's soup better than sports.

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