Let’s Emphasize Causations This ‘Tax Freedom Day’

What exactly is this “Tax Freedom Day” you keep hearing about?

Every year, the Washington-based Tax Foundation tabulates the approximate amount of time which Americans must work solely to meet their federal, state and local tax obligations.

And surprise-surprise, Save Jerseyans! New Jersey is tied with New York for the second worst date in country due in no small part to (1) property taxes and (2) our state’s relatively high per capita income.

Believe it or not (and I’m sure you do), Garden State taxpayers labor until May 1st annually before their respective salaries can be devoted to non-tax purposes! That means FOUR months of work, or roughly 1/3 of our paychecks, are earmarked in advance for the tax man. (FYI – the national average is almost two full weeks earlier on April 17th).

Yes, it stinks to high heaven! Few folks need convincing on that point.

But the reasons WHY it stinks must remain our obsessive focus, Save Jerseyans, both today and moving forward as the 2012 and 2013 elections draw near.

Our taxes are high because our governments’ spending is out-of-control, and spending is out-of-control thanks to the undue influence of public employee unions, demographically-unstable entitlement programs, woefully ill-advised public programs and institutionalized corruption at all levels of the body politic… to name just a few prime causations behind our current plight.

The sacred charge of all engaged conservatives is therefore just as straightforward as it is challenging. Each of us must be catalysts for combatting ignorance and disseminating truth; specifically, we need to articulate the direct correlation between big government and economic ruination. If we do our jobs, REAL change won’t be far behind and next “Tax Freedom Day” might arrive a little sooner!