Month: May 2012

@GovChristie: “The Only Thing that Matters is Politics” (VIDEO)

Appropriately strong words tonight from Governor Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans, after his latest Supreme Court nominee was, in the Governor’s words, “sacrificed in the name of politics.” I just wish Republicans would stop accepting this ridiculous “each party should get a certain Read More

Kyrillos: “I stand by my vote in favor of Bruce Harris”

State Senator and U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) weighed in a short time ago following the Judiciary Committee’s rejection of Bruce Harris:  Confirming and granting tenure to candidates for our state’s highest court is a responsibility I do not take Read More

Harris’s Defeat is Good News… for Governor Christie (UPDATED)

UPDATE – 3:44 p.m. As predicted, Save Jerseyans, the Senate Judiciary Committee has struck down Bruce Harris’s nomination, 7-6. Only Democrat Brian Stack crossed the aisle to support him. Governor Christie’s ally and Senator Minorty Leader Tom Kean, Jr. didn’t mince Read More

Let’s Hold Fat People AND Elected Officials to the Same Standard

New York City’s Michael Bloomberg is making national headlines this week for vowing to ban sodas over 16 ounces from Gotham’s eateries, cafes and vending carts. This is liberalism at its worst, Save Jerseyans. And least delicious. The looney Left doesn’t typically subscribe to Read More

Does Wolf Blitzer Think “Ridiculous” Obama’s Planned Parenthood Connection?

“Trump overshadows Romney” on the day he clinches the GOP nomination. Only in print, Save Jerseyans, since the opportunistic media establishment is always looking for an excuse (however lame or attenuated) to make Republicans look stupid. Wolf Blitzer took the latest Read More

Lance Fights for Conservative Support in NJ-7

U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R, NJ-7) touted himself as a “principled conservative” in an April television spot. Now he’s out with a new commercial, launched last week, celebrating the backing of conservative leaders: httpv:// It doesn’t take a political genius to Read More

How to Articulate the Case Against Obama and 8 Simple Crazy Things He Has Done

Many a time a liberal friend of mine will discuss the supposed racism of the right, the “Tea Party”, Chris Christie or what not. As I am often the sole voice of conservativism in many of my circles, I am Read More