How to Articulate the Case Against Obama and 8 Simple Crazy Things He Has Done

How to Articulate the Case Against Obama and 8 Simple Crazy Things He Has Done

Many a time a liberal friend of mine will discuss the supposed racism of the right, the “Tea Party”, Chris Christie or what not.
As I am often the sole voice of conservativism in many of my circles, I am repeatedly the recipient of “present company excepted”, “except for you, of course”, and other such faux apologetic comments.
While it would be grand to be able to respond with both factual and oratorical slams on the bigoted perpetrators it is not always the right way to handle this situation. As we have all told others in work situations, in school, or just socially – we must pick our battles and do so wisely.
Part of wisely is knowing our points and to that end I have made a list of the most egregious acts this administration has done  in my eyes…
  1. Constitutional Violations:
    1. Presidential fiat that Congress, a co-equal branch, was not in session,
    2. Violation of the 1 Amendment through purposely narrow interpretation of religious exemption to Obamacare requirements for religious non-profits;
  2. His Party has violated the law and failed for over 1,000 days to pass a budget, even when they had a majority in both houses of congress, in an attempt to confuse the American people into thinking our addiction to spending is not a problem;
  3. Cronyist Economic Policy:
    1. His NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) tried to stop a business (Boeing) from opening a manufacturing plant compliant with labor, wage, and environmental laws because it was non-unionized and Unions support him,
    2. His NLRB made regulation requiring businesses to provide Unions with the home address of all employees regardless of if they are in the Union, have opted out, or have not given their consent because Unions support him,
    3. His  banning of new federal oil leases and drilling of proven oil reserves on our coasts in favor of subsidies and hand outs for unproven, undeveloped, and inefficient energy companies that belong to his supporters;
  4. His Justice Department refuses to investigate cases of racially based violations of civil rights voting law by perpetrators based on their race;
  5. His Department of Labor tried to make regulation outlawing children raised on family farms from doing farm chores;
  6. His Justice Department has sued the State of Arizona for mandating that its law enforcement agencies comply with federal law (something they are in many cases already engaged in on a voluntary basis) and has ignored states which allow municipalities to maintain “safe haven” policies that in direct violation of federal law encourage illegal immigration;
  7. His fanning the flames of division by manufacturing a “war on women” when not a single person was discussing limiting access to birth control;
  8. His declaration un-doing the bipartisan reform of welfare into workfare.

The list could go on and on and on but these are the simplest and easiest to communicate outrageous acts and attempted actions of the Obama Administration. If your talking amongst liberal, but otherwise wonderful friends, you may want to use your rhetorical ammunition lightly and try to encourage them to expand their political horizons. Remember pick your battles and know your goals.

When you decide to throw down against a stalwart defender of the Admin then your goal isn’t to convince them because you are not going to. No matter what you say, no matter how many factual examples or logical arguments you deploy some people approach their politics as a substitute for religion – ie its an article of faith for them.

You should never enter into a political conversation with this genre of liberal unless there are other people (who you do not know to be Obama-bots) around, so that you can convince them.


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