@GovChristie: “The Only Thing that Matters is Politics” (VIDEO)

Appropriately strong words tonight from Governor Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans, after his latest Supreme Court nominee was, in the Governor’s words, “sacrificed in the name of politics.”

I just wish Republicans would stop accepting this ridiculous “each party should get a certain amount of seats” premise. It’s nowhere in our state constitution and it’s fueling the Democrats’ bogus argument that their immature actions were justified.

But enough from me. Here’s the Big Man:


4 thoughts on “@GovChristie: “The Only Thing that Matters is Politics” (VIDEO)

  1. Not only is it getting old, this Big Guy could have spent more time with local candidates last year instead of running for president. Maybe if this Big Guy actually cared about his own party, the GOP may have won something. Just maybe the 'Big Guy' occupying Trenton would be interested in doing some local media interviews about. Christie deserved it, unless of course you believe the theory Christie is so smart to have anticipated this hence actually got the outcome he desired. If you believe that theory, then Chris can do no wrong in your eyes and this is all nothing but theater. Chris got beat at his own game of inside politics and there are plenty within India own party to get a taste of what he shovels out. Of course you can always count on SaveJersey to wipe him off clean and pretty regardless of the circumstance.

  2. Anyone who reads the blog daily knows we've parted with the Governor on a number of issues including the most recent budget, the RU/Rowan merger and the bullying bill (to name a few).

    At the same, time won't apologize for abhoring all-or-nothing judgment calls that some on both sides of the ideological divide like to make re: elected officials. Life isn't that simple. For all his faults (real or imagined), taxpayers are still 100x better off with the Big Guy than Corslime, and this Governor has done a lot to give our ideals a fighting chance in state politics. There are also PLENTY of conservative leaders around the country (like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker) who have openly and frequently cited Chris Christie's example as a source of inspiration for their own efforts.

    No offense, but I think their judgment carries more weight than yours or mine!

    So we'll continue to agree with Christie when he's right (85-90% of the time) and disagree with him when he's wrong. It's what we've been doing since May 2008.

  3. 90%? He's paling around with George Norcross who crushes Republicans for a living, especially the ones in South Jersey.

    The 'Big Guy' is going to whine about Sweeney blocking his nominees then give aid and comfort to the man making it possible? Come on now.

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