When Hollywood Meets Reality: Will Smith and Income Taxes

The video below shows how truly delusional Hollywood stars can be, Save Jerseyans, until they are faced with the reality of what they preach.

On French television, Will Smith is asked about paying higher taxes in the United States. He gives some trite and canned speech about paying higher taxes as a patriotic duty because he was fortunate enough to be successful and stays right on point with President Obama’s (whom he supports publicly) talking points.

Then the host mentions that the new President of France has proposed a 75% marginal tax rate on wealthy earners around 1:20 into the interview. Check out Smith’s reaction.

Someone should let Will Smith know that the American Treasury takes donations. And no matter how much he will give willingly, I’m sure it will be less than 75% of what he makes.

The video quite literally speaks for itself. God Bless American indeed, Will.



3 thoughts on “When Hollywood Meets Reality: Will Smith and Income Taxes

  1. Typical Obama Hollywood hypocrisy. Do as I say & not as I do. Let Wiil, Oprah, Clooney, and all the rest put their money where their mouths are, so the rest of us can continue to delude ourselves that one day we can retire.

  2. I live in France, and I'm horrified by the blatant envy of the new Socialist president, Francois Hollande, who perhaps sees himself as a modern day Robin Hood. He is deadly serious about taxing entrepreneurs and high salary individuals at 75%. Well, Robin, a lot of money is gonna leave the 'Hood.

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