Daily Moment of Zen: Israel’s “Peace” Map Exposes Obama’s Ignorance

President Obama has been anything BUT a friend to the great nation of Israel, Save Jerseyans.

He’s bitched about their borders (supports pre-1967 lines) and, more recently, allowed his state department to exclude Jerusalem from its definition of Israel. It’s more Carter/Clinton-style “peace at any cost so I can go down in history as the one who finally got them to stop killing each other” syndrome. The worst kind of hubris since it puts Israeli lives at risk. Obama is being extra greedy, too – he already has a Nobel Prize for… doing nothing? Then attacking Libya and adopting Dubya’s Iraq strategy? Hmm…

But the key point here is the Obama Administration’s feigned ignorance of the Israeli situation. This myth of an Israel unwilling to compromise is exactly that – a myth. Here’s an AWESOME viral Facebook image (where most great infographs originate these days) that completely belies the argument of the anti-Israel lobby both here and abroad:

If land giveaways = land, Save Jerseyans, then Israel would be the safest place on Earth. Is it?

So what else would you like them to surrender even more for “peace,” Mr. President? And with what realistic  expectation that it’d do any good? Do you have any idea how many men, women and children of Israel have died in Islamic terrorist attacks since 1967? The year when Israel was forced to respond to Egyptian President Nasser’s declaration that “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel.”

Oh, that’s right. Obama was just a child in 1967, living in Jakarta, attending what kind of school? Eating dogs and pondering the dreams of his father? The record still isn’t clear like most things with this guy.

Bottom line: the Middle East is dominated by men who don’t want peace. Israel’s enemies want blood in the streets and every last Jew at the bottom of the Red Sea. Period. End of sentence. And we’re the only friend they’ve got with the power to help. Unfortunately, this President has been nothing but a hinderance to their security (and ours) since January 2009.

It needs to end come January 2013 or Israel may meet its end. We won’t be too far behind. Freedom isn’t free, folks, and appeasement is tantamount to suicide.


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  1. For peace? Hahahahahaha… Hahahahaha. Does Israel know what peace means? Or does it do anything for peace? You really made my day.

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