Governor Christie: “Lou, Give the People Their Money Back…” (VIDEO)

Wednesday was steamy in the Haddonfield Middle School’s packed gym, but the tough talk from Gov. Chrisite was even hotter.

Christie recalled his political roots in this Camden County historical town while shoring up his political future by blasting Democratic Assembly leaders.

Save Jerseyeans, the Governor is taking his case to the voters. At his 83rd Town Hall, he pushed strongly for his 10% cut in residents’s income tax in his proposed budget. The clock is ticking; 18 days remain for the legislature to pass the constitutionally mandated budget or face a government shut down.

With rock star swagger, the Governor, claming he is confident that the Senate Dems are in his back pocket on the tax issue, zeroed in on Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (6th Legislative District) in his own backyard:


The best audio if you can’t listen at work:

Lou Greenwald, Mr. local sales tax and income tax he’s our guy now you’ve got to put the pressure on him. You know Lou give the people their money back they can spend it better then you can. We need to empower the people in this state to have more of their own money cause I can guarantee one this the only way to ensure we don’t waste your money in Trenton is don’t send it in the first place.”

Ironically, the last time Gov. Christie was in Haddonfield was when he was endorsed for Governor on the steps of borough hall by Mitt Romney in 2009. They have both been on powerful trajectories ever since…

Save Jersey Contributor Susanne LaFrankie and her children with Governor Christie during the 2009 Gubernatorial Campaign.


7 thoughts on “Governor Christie: “Lou, Give the People Their Money Back…” (VIDEO)

  1. Lou is giving a cut of that cash to George. He meets him every week at Starbucks in Haddonfield and they slip the envelope and talk criminal talk over coffee. Norcross got Lou right where he wants him.

    Listen to his video describing that Lou is getting 6k a month. That's good money he says. He also wants to castrate a man and kill one too. What kind of leadership is that for the Philadelphia Inquire. Now you see why South Jersey Sucks.

  2. Norcross likes to play BLOOD SPORTS IN POLITICS.

    What goes around George comes around and you reap what you sow.

  3. Is every Democrat a socialist in your eyes? I'm ceofusnd as to what part of what Obama or anyone in government is doing that rates as socialistic. Or are you referring to the many social programs that've been in existence since last century? What is it that makes Obama's wanting to help those lest fortunate reek of socialism? Is he the only President in the history of this country that's sought to provide assistance to the needy? If not then what is it about him that so riles you?

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