Mitt Romney is Better Off Without Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

The media is out trying to a fake create controversy regarding Governor Mitt Romney and his march to the White House. It’s all based on the fact that Sarah Palin, the former half-term Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential candidate, has yet to formally say the words, “I support Governor Mitt Romney for President,” verbatim.

The story began within the last few days when Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller jumped on the fact that Palin did not utter Romney’s name once in the 35-minute address at last weekend’s RightOnline Convention.

The Daily Caller left out of the story that RightOnline was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity which is a 502 (c) (3) and, as such, is forbidden to endorse a political candidate because of their tax status.

Smelling a continuation of the conservatives vs. Romney narrative from the primary, noted leftist news site POLITICO (infamous for railroading Herman Cain) couldn’t help themselves and attempted to pour gasoline on this fabricated fire.  Then the site The Daily Beast linked to POLITICO’s article.  Governor Palin has stated that she would vote for the Republican candidate regardless of who it was because the other name on the ballot would be Barack Obama.  Her words exactly:

We have a presumptive nominee now in the GOP process after a good competitive and very spirited competition to find that presumptive nominee and, yes, if that vote were to be taken today, obviously I would vote for President — for Gov. Romney over President Barack Obama in a heartbeat.

But why is Sarah Palin’s endorsement so darn important, Save Jerseyans? 

I must have missed the election where we, conservative America, voted to make former Governor Palin the President of Conservatives! In truth, Governor Palin has a cult of personality which has very little reach beyond her core group of supporters.  She’s polarizing and hurts a candidate with independents.  Governor Romney should welcome her quasi-endorsement as it stands!  Palin found a nitch for herself after 2008 through identifying candidates in areas receptive to her brand and, to her credit, building a winning reputation.

Outside of this grouping, however, she is electoral poison with high unfavorable ratings across key demographics.

A Sarah Palin endorsement of Mitt Romney would also, more than likely, seem less than genuine to her supporters.  Palin previously announced her support for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and she openly wanted the primary process to continue on in order to vet the candidates; she advocated for a process that would allow her followers to “rage against the machine.”

We’ve seen what endorsing Governor Romney has done to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky within his own cult of personality.  The Paulbots turned on one of their own before the ink dried on the press release!  Palin has become as powerful as she has because of the way her supporters view her – a “rogue.”  To endorse Romney would be insincere and be bad for her business.

Moreover, Mitt Romney plays well with independents because he is viewed as being more of a mainstream conservative.  He has the resources and the ground game to bring it to President Obama in all 50 states.  A Palin endorsement could be a kiss of death regarding independents.  With all the momentum swinging toward Romney as Obama is wrapped in scandal (Fast and Furious), a poor recovery, and Wisconsin refuting his entire ideology Romney cannot risk the drain Palin would create.

Both Romney and Palin should just let the issue die and not play into the media’s hands!


118 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is Better Off Without Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

  1. You are confusing the word Moderates with Independents. Conservatives are Independents and not registered Republicans. Romney and Conservative do not belong in the same sentence unless you are stating he is not one. I think you need to reread the polls when it comes to Sarah Palin. She may not draw from Republicans or Democrats (less than 40% combined) , but she does quite well from Moderates, Independents (Conservatives)and of course the 70% of the voting block on the RIGHT that Romney could not get votes from. Palin was within four points of Obama the week she decided not to run for POTUS. This was because she drew more Independents than Obama. Just setting the record straight.

  2. Governor Palin was probably drawing well against President Obama because the Republican Primary was still at the "Anybody But Romney" stage. It was the idea of a more conservative candidate even though she's a television personality now. Romney will end up winning conservative votes because GOP voters will not stay home and risk Obama swinging the direction of the Supreme Court and continuing his hardcore left-wing views at home and abroad.

    As for your assumption that conservatives are not registered Republicans: people with more right-wing views are more likely to identify with a political party it is normally those in the center that remain independents. This election is very important in terms of America's future and I doubt we will see the right wing voters stay home like we did in 2008. It's about appealing across the spectrum and creating "Romney Democrats" and independents. A Palin endorsement may hurt those chances.

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