Americans Didn’t Fight and Die on D-Day for Collective Bargaining!

There are plenty of elated (and bleary-eyed) people in America this morning following last night’s epic Walker victory in Wisconsin. Myself included!

But not everyone’s eyes are red and blurry from staying up too late to celebrate, Save Jerseyans. There is much sadness in the land of Big Labor.

One particular Walker detractor featured in the video below, while being interviewed by CNN, tearfully declared the “end of democracy” heralded by Tuesday’s Badger State returns:


Yes, the “end of democracy” indeed!

Ancient Greeks surely began every Acropolis-top proceeding by thanking Zeus and Athena for the right to collective bargaining!

Our own Declaration of Independence decried King George III’s supression of the prevailing wage.

We must always remember the glorious sacrifice of American soldiers at Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, Normandy (today is D-Day), Iwo Jima, and Fallujah who died so that public sector workers can receive benefits better than their private sector counterparts! 

Lincoln did, after all, fight a civil war to end slavery, preserve the Union and… the institution of involuntary union membership.

And lest we forget the Americans who died on 9/11, attacked by murderous terrorists determined to destroy our America “way of life,” specifically, the ability of union chieftains to select who sits across the table from them at contract time with dues paid by our tax dollars!

Good grief… we need to get civics and history back in our schools. NOW!


9 thoughts on “Americans Didn’t Fight and Die on D-Day for Collective Bargaining!

  1. So, Democracy is done, dead because YOUR party and YOUR Agenda was out-voted, I thought that was Democracy.

  2. Watching this sobbing idiot wax poetic about the death of America and democracy reminds me why the framers were so insistent on a constitutional republic.

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