Rothman and Pascrell are “Voting Rights” Hypocrites

This is PRICELESS, Save Jerseyans!

According to Politicker’s Max Pizarro, the warring Democrat Pascrell and Rothman camps are kicking off Primary Day 2012 by haggling like children over NJ-9 absentee ballots; Max says a whopping 2,000 ballots have been impounded by Passaic County’s superintendent of elections. This election could be decided by less!

Now representatives from both campaigns are hurling accusations of possible voter suppression tactics at each other. Pascrell’s campaign manager even told that “Today’s [Monday’s] maneuver to impound votes in Passaic County rings eerily similar to Republican efforts across the country to impede people’s rights to vote. Voters in Paterson and Passaic County will not be intimidated.”

Regular readers can probably guess why I’m thoroughly amused by all of this ridiculousness. Both NJ-9 Democrat candidates are militantly opposed to the enactment of common sense voter identification laws!

Laws which could’ve easily prevented this looming legal battle and, ironically, prevented mass voter disenfranchisement today across NJ-9…

Voter ID legislation is currently languishing in our own state legislature; Assemblymen Rumpf and Gove’s A674 (pdf) and its upper chamber companion bill, Senator Connor’s S200 (pdf), are still waiting for committee approval. I’ve even proposed the outline of a workable, 100% constitutional voter ID bill right here at Save Jersey.

In this instant situation, Rothman’s camp is ticked off because they allegedly didn’t get a chance to review the absentee ballots ahead of time. Your Blogger-in-Chief’s voter ID plan would’ve cut this problem off at the pass! I would require ALL New Jersey absentee ballot applicants to supply either (1) their driver’s license number, (2) the last four digits of their Social Security number, or (3) a photocopy of a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID to receive a ballot in the first place. There would be little question as to an absentee ballot’s validity with my system in place!

But don’t ask Pascrell or Rothman if they’d support (or even just consider) my plan, Save Jerseyans. We already know the answer is “no.” They support “voting rights,” i.e. let everyone who shows up to the polls cast a ballot without asking any questions. If they’re to be believed (and politicians rarely are), Rothman and Pascrell think voter ID laws smack of “Jim Crow politics.” So instead of embracing reform, they’re going to stubbornly adhere to a clearly-flawed system, hire lawyers to impound voters’ ballots whenever suspicions are aroused and, when the ballots are caged in a tight contest, breathlessly accuse each other of perpetrating “Jim Crow” shenanigans.

THESE are the men who represent us in Congress, folks.

God save the Republic…


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  1. It is my hope that the vote is so close, they end up in court,spending even more money to look like fools…sort of like having them both lose!

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