UPDATE: Yudin Wins First Round Vote for BCRO Chairmanship

Bob Yudino (left) and Anthony Rottino (right) were competing to lead the BCRO. A third candidate, John McCann, is not pictured above.

The vote total from Round One:

Yudin – 283

Rottino – 268

McCann -198

So don’t expect any white smoke over the BCRO tonight, Save Jerseyans.

749 committee members voted tonight in Hackensack but the winner needed 375 (50% plus one) of them to capture the chairmanship outright.

We’re headed to a runoff next Thursday, 6/21…


Does this thing ever end??? I guess we at least have more grilled hot dogs and assorted sweet treats as consolation.

The only sure thing following this first big vote? John McCann (R-Cresskill) is done. Expect both remaining candidates to work hard for his supporters’ backing (as well as his endorsement, too).


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