Christie Keynote Demonstrates Why He Scares Democrats

Liberal partisans in the social media sphere had very little bad to say about Governor Chris Christie’s Tuesday night keynote address.

It’s deeply satisfying to see someone finally shut them up!

In fact, the only criticism they could muster — because they have to criticize something or risk losing their loopy liberal street cred — attacked the Jersey-centric focus of Governor Christie’s keynote (he mentioned Mitt Romney just seven times and President Obama zero times by name).

And that’s the beauty of Chris Christie when he’s on his game, Save Jerseyans. Democrats simply don’t know how to deal with a Republican who stubbornly refuses to play by their rules!

Rather than restricting himself to formulaic regurgitations of conventional talking points (e.g. jobs, jobs, jobs) or old “better manager” arguments, Christie smartly used last night’s address to draw a clear, simple to understand contrast between Republicans and Democrats. Specifically, between a party that wants government to serve the people and another party that endeavors to obligate citizens to serve government.

This is hugely significant, folks. Democrats know how to win the “who will create jobs” argument by meddling with the stats and using other folks’ money to purchase other peoples’ votes. They can also rather easily disarm the “better management” argument because their natural affinity for big government makes them more convincing (if not more competent) stewards of it. But when Democrats are confronted with the necessity of defending the very premise of big government liberalism? Oh boy! All of the ugly class warfare, insidious race-baiting, big money smears and dirty electoral tricks in the book can’t save them.

If Paul Ryan is the new substance of our modern conservative movement, then Chris Christie demonstrated last night once and for all that he could be its voice. Courageous articulation of conservative principles isn’t novel. We already know it works. What makes Governor Christie different is his unique ability to communicate those principles in digestible sound bites. Rest assured that this prospect terrifies Democrat leaders from top to bottom!

The closest thing they have to a “counter-Christie” is Bill Clinton who not coincidentally is already headlining their nominating convention and cutting their battleground campaign ads. Unfortunately for Dems, President Clinton is grey, tired and old news in an age when fresh is a value unto itself. The freshest thing their convention will feature is Sandra Fluke… insert punchline here.


108 thoughts on “Christie Keynote Demonstrates Why He Scares Democrats

  1. Once again Christie the Jersey Bloviator was more concerned with pimping himself than pushing hard for Mitt. It seems he's just not all that into the Romney & Ryan, if we're not lyin we're cryin, ticket.

    While he shepherds the Garden state to the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country he brags about campaigning in over 30 states rather than work at trying to bolster his failed administration.

    He did not mention his administration gave over 400 million in educational funds to Ohio due to clerical error, or just not paying attention to the nuts and bolts of governing.
    Also missing was mention of his cronies involvement in a huge privatizing prison scandal that will be garnering national headline very soon.
    Dems afraid of Christie fat chance (no pun intended)

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