Chris Christie at a July 2012 tax-themed town hall meeting in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The Weekly Standard continues to insist that the answer is “YES,” Save Jerseyans.

Bill Kristol’s political publication is reporting today that Mitt Romney’s #veepstakes squad is deciding between four men: 
  1. Rob Portman
  2. Tim Pawlenty
  3. Paul Ryan
  4. Chris Christie

I don’t know…

The smart money is still on Portman (including Chris Christie’s money;  we previously reported that the Govenror of New Jersey believes the Ohio Senator is a likely choice). The Buckeye State is a must-win from Romney. Wisconsin (Ryan) and Minnesota (Pawlenty) are likely not. I wish New Jersey was on the GOP’s electoral wish-list! But it’s definitely not. However, geography is rarely an end-all criterion for modern vice presidental selections. Just ask Dick Cheney; I don’t think Dubya was losing sleep over the Election 2000 margins in Wyoming. And no one would’ve called Palin or Biden “logical” or “obvious” VP candidates heading into 2008. It’s often a surprise pick, folks. Anything is possible. Or almost anything.

I really get the impression (and I’m sure many of you do, too) that very POWERFUL Republican donors and new media forces are persistently lobbying the Romney campaign for a “bolder” choice than Senator Portman. Governor Christie would certainly fit the bill. So would Rep. Ryan, whose courageous budget philosophy would draw a clear ideological line in the sand this November.



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