In NJ-1, Horton Heeds Christie’s Leadership Call in Bid to Unseat Andrews

It may all be over now, Save Jerseyans, but on the opening night of the 2012 Republican National Convention, several speakers wowed the crowd into submission.

First it was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker praising Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney.  Then came Texas Senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz speaking of his father embracing making his own way in America as a Cuban immigrant.  Democrat turned Republican Artur Davis encouraged Democrats to witness the truth about President Obama and come across the aisle as he did.  Ann Romney inspired the crowd with her personal survivor stories and her life journey with Mitt.  And the keynote address, of course, was delivered by our very own Governor Chris Christie.

Governor Christie spoke like a true statesman Tuesday night, comparing the two fundamentally different visions of America from the right and the progressive left, and leading the crowd into an overwhelming show support for Mitt Romney instead of just against Barack Obama.  He hit on many pressing issues including one major intangible quality in his speech; and that was leadership.

In New Jersey’s First Congressional District, we have lacked similar leadership for as long as I have been alive, Save Jerseyans. Congressman Rob Andrews has time and time again demonstrated a lack of any sense of this all-important quality.  He is as rank-and-file liberal as they come. He has sided against the people whom he is supposed to represent.

He was one of the original six sponsors of ObamaCare.  He worked hard on the failed concept of Cap and Trade.  The only battlefield he attempts to conquer are those already lost in Europe — the battles of state-run healthcare and taxing industries into cutting jobs — all in a country that has suffered one of the most anemic recoveries in the past seventy years. His most recent battle with the Congressional Ethics Panel is yet another point of concern.

The challenger, Greg Horton (R-Haddonfield), embodies the kind of leadership we need in the First.

Showcasing leadership in the classroom as an educator for almost two decades. A leader in politics as the Haddonfield GOP president. A leader when his party needed him to run against a Rob Andrews and make the case for cleaner, more ethical government with a focus on creating an atmosphere where jobs can be plentiful.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. Rob Andrews is the embodiment of the American Institutional Left.  He has grown content living off the spoils of the American people.  He no longer views himself as a public servant, flying to far off locations both domestic and foreign all while ignoring his constituents’ jobless plight.

He also continues to be silent on the social media circuit since the initial probe of his allegedly improper use of campaign funds went public.  I have yet to hear of any stories about him visiting the district, heading to local events, or meeting with constituents in a townhall setting from the MSM.  He has grown into another aloof, unaccountable Washington, DC fat cat.

Horton has crisscrossed the district attempting to meet with every voter in every town.  Highly active in the social media area in an effort to connect to voters.  Going to local events in an effort to get his name out there as a viable alternative to the entrenched Rob Andrews.  He is not beholden to the same South Jersey political machine that Andrews is a part of.  He’s beholden to the citizens of this district with an agenda only of helping put New Jersey’s First back to work.  Horton represents the average individual of Camden County.  A hardworking father who just seeks to pass a more economically stable America unto his children than he had.  To give them more opportunity and not piles of paralyzing debt with an economic environment thriving on job creation and ingenuity compared to anemic growth with too much regulation.

The differences couldn’t be more clear.


78 thoughts on “In NJ-1, Horton Heeds Christie’s Leadership Call in Bid to Unseat Andrews

  1. If only Christie hadn't sold out to George Norcross, he could actually lead on corruption issues again.

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